A Night to not Remember

As a college student, you have one thing to look forward to if you’re 21. Not Thanksgiving itself, but Thanksgiving Eve. Where I live, its the biggest night out of any of the breaks. It’s the chance to redeem yourself and show everyone that you went to school with that you grew up and you're doing better than ever. Somehow I missed this memo and made the biggest fool our of myself with my friends by being one of the drunkest people in the whole town. We have been looking forward to this night since the day we all were 21. We couldn’t wait. We had gone out shopping, gotten our nails done, found the perfect clothes and shoes, the whole nine. We were ready. The day rolls around and we should’ve known that it would all go down hill when we felt like our hair wasn’t looking good, our makeup made us look like clowns and nothing seemed to look right on us. We started pre gaming and it all was downhill from their. My one friend was so drunk and got kicked out within 30 minutes of being there, my other friend left hysterically crying, and myself and my last friend standing seemed to be drinking enough to cover all four of us. The next morning rolls around and I’m being driven to work by my friend still drunk, reminiscing on how we all died the night before and barely lasted. The whole next day I was mortified and scared that I did something, or even said something that I know sober me would NOT approve of. I didn’t dare to go through my messages to see if I had sent something to someone. I couldn’t even open new snapchats because I was nervous it would say “are you alive." After dealing with the initial embarrassment, I realized who cares. I was surround by my closest friends and even if the night ended quickly with five cops surrounding my friend, we all had a great time and made the best out of the situation. It truly didn’t matter what everyone thought or who would say what. Those people were irrelevant to me in high school and still remain just as irrelevant now.