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Niall Horan Releases Album: Flicker

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Kutztown chapter.

I have been a fan of One Direction for years and years. When they took their hiatus back in January of 2016, to say I was devastated was an understatement. But now because of this break they took every fan girl like myself has been able to experience all five members’ new songs and albums; most recently to be released is Niall Horans debut album Flicker.

On October 20, 2017 Niall Horans’ first album dropped and it seems that it is the only thing I have been able to listen too. It is a lovely mix of acoustic sad songs and happy upbeat folk rockish tunes. It has really great vibes and amazing messages. From just simply skipping a song you can hear a ballad that makes you want to go cry of emotions to skipping again and want to go to an Irish bar and have fun.

Horan is only 24 years old and is absolutely smashing it. Flicker has hit the number one mark for his album in the United States making him the third One Direction member to do so with an album release.

I am absolutely in love with this album and I suggest any One Direction fan go and check it out immediately. Even if you are not a total 1D fan this is so incredibly different from what majority of the band’s music was like, so it may surprise you and become your go to car ride playlist.

I really do feel very proud to still be here as a fan and support each member. Flicker is such a great compilation of beautifully well written songs, and you can hear Horans’ guitar strumming in the background of almost every song. You can really tell he put his heart and soul into this.

All of the 1D boys have truly gone on their own path since the split, and now the music industry essentially has five new male artists that have all been topping the charts.  I really hope one day they do get back together, but until then I have really been enjoying Liam Payne’s, Zayn Malik’s, Louis Tomlinson’s, Harry Styles’, and Niall Horans’ songs as individuals. 

Sabrina Stewart

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