Never Ending Cycle of Food

With Thanksgiving behind us, and Christmas just around the corner, I think we’ll all do our fair share of eating. From turkey and pumpkin pie, to ham and Christmas cookies, and everything in between, it’s the season of eating for sure. It seems the treat and cheat days never end. But coming from a big family, the food just never stops in general. Ever.

My mom is one of seven children. There are currently 21 grandchildren and 1 great-grandchild in my family. Only a few of us, approximately 15, gathered for Thanksgiving dinner this year. We had six different pies. With whip cream. And ice cream. Additionally, we had pumpkin roll and pumpkin coffee cake. And plenty of leftovers.

Today, it’s the day after Thanksgiving, and some more family members are here to help us devour the leftovers. My Norwegian grandmother insists on cooking more food. She loves to bake and cook for her family. Even with all of the leftover mashed potatoes with gravy and turkey and stuffing, she still made homemade macaroni and cheese. I think we have enough food to last us until Christmas.

Christmas is the holiday my whole family will gather to celebrate this year. That means all 22 grandchildren, adults, and my grandparents all gather at my house. That’s approximately 40 people under one roof. I know for sure we will still have leftovers on Christmas Eve. And Christmas Day, when there is less of us gathered together, my grandmother will make even more food. Those leftovers will last until New Year's, which is a whole other holiday with its own magnificent dinner.

The point: When you come from a big family, you just don’t stop eating. You eat all the desserts, mashed potatoes, and home cooked dinners until New Year’s Day. And then, on January 2nd, you make a resolution to lose all of the holiday weight (and you will do well until Easter dinner rolls around).