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We did it! We finally made it past the treacherous year of 2020 that started full of excitement and hope but continued with one disaster after another. It felt like all we had to do was get to January 1st of 2021 and everything would go back to normal, though that obviously isn’t the case. However, things seem to be looking up (at least in comparison to the previous year), and I have a lot of high hopes for the new year. 

This is the year I get to graduate from college and enter “the real world.” 2021 never seemed like a real year, but it’s finally here and in a few short months I will be out of school. That part doesn’t seem real either considering I’ve been in school since I was five. I won’t know what to do with myself without having class to go to or homework to complete. But I’m excited to get the degree I worked so hard for and to find a job in the field I love—writing. I know things might not go as planned, especially with the pandemic still happening, but opening the next chapter of my life is a little scary, but it’s also exciting. 

I’m also pleased to know we’ll have a new president in office. Again, all of the world’s problems aren’t going to be solved within the year or even the next four years, but I can tell it’s already having a positive impact on myself and those around me. The past few years has been a struggle in the political world, and I could not be more relieved knowing that this change will occur. 

Along with that a vaccine is being administered to tackle the COVID-19 pandemic. I can only hope for there to be less death and more healing in 2021. It’s difficult to plan for the future with so much still unknown, but I’m fairly confident in saying that this year can’t possibly be worse than 2020. Let’s hope I didn’t jinx it.

Jessica Garrison is a professional writing major and women's, gender, and sexuality studies minor at Kutztown University.
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