My Her Campus Story

Last year, most of my friends were a part of her campus. I thought it was just their thing because I believed I sucked at writing. I still do, a little, but I think my writing is getting better. When I first started Her Campus, I think I tried to quit every week. I couldn't figure out what to write, but somehow, when I wrote an article, the topics just came to me. Now we have a house full of Her Campus writers. Sometimes I still feel like I don’t need to be in Her Campus when I cant figure out what to write about. But my friends remind me that I have a voice that should be heard. So, Her Campus is helping me find my creative writing voice. Because, if you know me, then you know I can talk A LOT, so that voice is good for now. Her Campus is for the people with a lot to say, but also for the people still figuring out how to say things.


Sometimes I have no idea what I’m going to write, like writing this now. I woke up late and had no idea what to talk about, but look how far you’ve gotten into my article and I have talked about something. I appreciate being a part of Her Campus; it is helping me grow each week. It's giving me hope that my writing skills are able to get better. So if you have a friend that thinks they can't write, show them this article. Just 3 months ago, I would not have imagined that I'd still be in Her Campus. With just a month left in the semester, I'm still writing. Also Her Campus writers come up with amazing stories. Reading peoples' articles, you never know what to expect.

With one more semester left at Kutztown, I hope that I continue to grow in my writing ability. I also hope that one day, the struggle for a topic will be no more. I'll just be able to open my laptop and write away. With being able to just write an article, I believe it will help with school work as well. When the words just flow, the easier it is to just voice your opinion or research. Become a writer and see your growth.