My Favorite Artists

Like most of us, I love music and it’s gotten me through a lot of events in my life. From driving for eight hours straight or tough nights alone, I love music and over the years I’ve grown to love a broad variety of genres. According to my Spotify account, my top genres are rock, punk, pop, and indie. So today, I wanted to list some of my favorite artists, in no particular order.

  1. 1. Gorillaz

    While I don’t have an actual ranking list, I can say for sure that Gorillaz is my one number artist. I’ve been a loyal fan since about 2014, when somebody I knew in middle school introduced me to them and while I did find it odd at first- the song “Tomorrow Comes Today” is probably not the best first song to listen to when you’re unfamiliar with them-I was intrigued by their stunning visuals in music videos and interesting songs and I quickly grew to love them. Gorillaz has a lot of different genres within their discography, but they’re often described as indie, hip-hop, pop, and alternative. Some of my top songs by them are “Strange Timez”, “Simplicity”, and “Aries”, from their latest album, Song Machine, Season One. I also love “Dirty Harry” from Demon Days and “Revolving Doors” from The Fall.

  2. 2. Too Close To Touch

    They’re a lesser known band, but I’ve been a casual fan of Too Close To Touch for about four or five years now, and they’re described as a post-hardcore and alternative rock. I stumbled upon one of their music videos “Sympathy” and I fell in love with their sound. While their latest EP isn’t my favorite, I still love their music and I think the entirety of their album, Haven’t Been Myself is amazing. With some great songs like “Sympathy”, “What a Shame” and “Miss Your Face”. Their latest string of EPs called “I’m Hard To Love But So Are You” separated in volumes have some of my favorite songs of all time, “The Fear Of Letting Go” and “Comatose”.

  3. 3. The Weeknd

    I’m only now finally getting into The Weeknd. I vaguely remember hearing his song “The Hills” when it came out, along with other songs like“Starboy” and “Can’t Feel My Face” that you’ve heard on the radio often. He didn’t seem like the type of genre I was into, until I finally listened to a few songs from his newest album, After Hours, and it is so good! Some of my current favorites at the moment are “Save Your Tears”, “Faith”, and “After Hours” but the entire album is amazing and I really neglected it for too long.

  4. 4. Twenty One Pilots

    Another all time favorite band, I’ve been a fan since about 2015, when Blurryface came out and I decided to see what the hype behind them was all about. I knew of a song by them, “Car Radio” and that song is still amazing, but I never explored them beyond that until that album came out. I’ve been to two of their concerts, one for their tour “Emotional Roadshow” back in 2016, and then 2019, days before I graduated high school, I saw them again during “The Bandito Tour”. Some of my favorite songs are “Leave the City”. “Chlorine” from their most recent album, Trench and honestly I love the entirety of their self titled album, Twenty One Pilots, their first released album.

I could go on and on about my favorite artists. I’m not somebody that’s musically inclined, but I adore music and I’m glad I give myself the chance to explore different genres. I used to be very set on what I liked but now my attitude towards music is, if I like it, it’s going on my Spotify likes playlist!