In My Dreams

You’re always in my dreams. 

Colorful clouds are crying out loud, 

rain pounding onto the pavement

as I fall into a deep sleep. 


I hear your voice from far away. 

It calls me closer, over and over, 

until I can meet you halfway

through the faded darkness. 


You stand there tall and strong, 

and I can’t help but wonder, 

hiding from the thunder, 

if you ever think of me.

If I ever appear in your dreams, too. 


I scramble around to find a payphone, 

so at last, after all this time, I can call the past, 

but it’s only me and you there in the shadows, 

and you don’t listen to a word I say. 


I’m left screaming into an empty void, 

a meaningless abyss, 

begging for you to love me 

the way you used to. 

The way I still love you.


But then I wake up, 

and you’re gone before the sun can break into the dawn.

The bed is empty, completely abandoned.

And I am all alone once again 

but despite all of the pain, 


I’m glad you’re in my dreams. 


Because at least you’re somewhere.