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My 4 Favorite Inspirational Instagram Accounts

Instagram is becoming a platform where artists are sharing their works with original quotes about mental health. Whenever I’m feeling down or need a positive outlook, I look to these accounts because their quotes and art inspire me to keep going. I love sharing these various artists to my Insta story so that others can take a minute to realize their self-worth while they scroll through Instagram.


Nichols is a poet and digital mixed media artist, her works are inspired by real-life experience and interactions with others. Nichols focuses a lot on self-growth and self-worth.


Sharp focuses on normalizing anxiety and mental health. She shares her own thoughts and feelings and assures her followers that they are not alone. Her feed is filled with positive reaffirmations and comforting pastel colors.


Courtney, another digital mixed media artist, creates original quotes and designs to offer encouragement and empathy to her followers and community.


Eliza Todd has a floral-themed feed with positive, uplifting quotes. Her quotes bring awareness to mental health and reminders that things will be okay.

Allison Matero

Kutztown '21

Just a girl who is passionate about self-growth.
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