To Moms of All Kinds: A Poem

To moms of all kinds,

Where children are always on your minds,

Thank you for your endless care

And being a mama bear.

A mom is anyone who loves

With a soul as pure as a dove’s.

Whether through blood or not,

A mom is there to love a lot.

Endless hours and sleepless nights,

Her smile never fades like the Northern lights.

Tired as she may be,

She is always there to see

When we are in need

And require her to lead. 

She asks nothing of us

But to limit our fuss.

Wants us only to grow,

Learn and face little woe

As we become our own. 

So please don’t moan

When she calls to check up.

Instead, grab a cup

And chat;

But don’t forget to visit her welcome mat.

Because there will come a time when she must say goodbye

And you can no longer say “hi”.