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Mni Wiconi (Water is Life)

As the Dakota Access Pipeline (DAPL) protests continue, some students at Kutztown University are joining the efforts to raise awareness for this cause. On Sundays, students from Kutztown, as well as residents of the town, are doing a walk down Main Street from 1 to 3pm. This walk is to support and raise awareness for the #NoDAPL movement. This group wants to protect water, which is such an essential resource that we need to sustain life everywhere. As you may know, if the DAPL gets built, clean water will be taken from those who live in the area. Since we all can’t pack up and go to Standing Rock to support this protest, students have created a way to recognize the cause thousands of miles away.

During this walk, people should bring posters, banners, and signs to show their message for the movement. These posters can hold information, prayers for the people of Standing Rock, or just the message of #NoDAPL. These signs can bring others who are not on the walk the message and inform them of what is happening to others water throughout the country. Some people who join this walk may bring instruments to create a more powerful message and get others interested in the cause.

This walk holds such a powerful message and more people should get involved to show their support for the people at Standing Rock. Water is something we take for granted, but if it was being taken from you, you would want to protect it. Therefore, all should join the #NoDAPL movement and become water protectors for the people fighting for their right to clean water.


To join this walk on Sundays, students and residents will meet at the Alumni Plaza fountain on Kutztown University’s campus. This fountain is located across the street from Old Main. From here, supporters will walk down Main Street to the Sacony Creek trail where they will hold a water celebration to end the walk.

I encourage anyone who is available from 1 to 3pm on Sundays to join this effort in protecting water. Water is something we don’t think about on a daily basis because we just think it’s there and will always be there, but this isn’t true for those at Standing Rock so come join the #NoDAPL movement this Sunday!

While being a member of Kutztown University’s Her Campus, I was the Vice President and lead editor. Her Campus afforded me many opportunities to voice my thoughts and opinions freely, and let them be heard by anyone reading. I found Her Campus to be a great tool in helping me advance my future in writing and editing.
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