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Recently you may have heard about Katy Perry’s actions as a judge on the show American Idol. I am not going to sugar coat the situation, there is one simple way to put it: she sexually harassed a young man by forcing him to kiss her. Nothing should make your blood boil more than the encouragement of her actions but media and other figures.

It all started with 19-year-old, Benjamin Glaze, and his audition for American Idol (if you would like to watch the full audition: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7iQn-toQp6A ). Mr. Glaze mentioned to the judges that he has never kissed anyone before, Katy Perry took it upon herself to pressure Mr. Glaze up to the table and force him to kiss her on the cheek. Katy then stated that his kiss on the cheek was not good enough and pressured him to do it again, at the same moment Mr. Glaze leaned into to kiss Katy’s cheek again, she turned and kissed him on his lips; all of this with out his permission. Mr. Glaze even stated in an interview with New York Times “Would I have done it if she said, ‘Would you kiss me?’ No, I would have said no”. THAT IS ALL YOU NEED TO HEAR, Benjamin Glaze was harassed by Katy Perry, he did not want to be kissed by her.

To make the situation even worse, her actions are being encouraged and sugar coated, just because he is a male. Imagine if this happened with a male judge and a female singer, it would be labeled as sexual harassment, and dealt with right away, ABC (the channel that broadcasts American Idol) would probably not even publish the footage. Men can be sexually harassed too; telling Mr. Glaze that he should appreciate the kiss from Katy is like telling a rape victim they should have enjoyed it, or an abused spouse that the should have listened better. I am so sick and tired of men not having the same grounds as women when it comes to sexual harassment. This needs to end and Katy deserves to be charged. I am tired of celebrities thinking that they can do whatever they want. Benjamin Glaze is a victim of sexual harassment and that is the only explanation.

Katie Frasch

Kutztown '20

Educational advocate, animal lover, feminist, and a proud aunt of three. Family and friends make life, and all battles possible .
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