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People will come and go constantly throughout our life. The trouble with that is knowing who comes in our life and is consider the one? Out of every boy you meet, how do you know if he really is the right fit? How do you know that he is the one who will go down on one knee? The thing is, you can never really be sure because people change their mind so quickly in this world. However, maybe it is the little things that he will do that will make you realize, that maybe just maybe, he is the one that will stick with you through all the rain and the sunshine.

There is a chance that I could have found the one back in June of 2016. It was not the whole love at first sight feeling, but something in me knew there was something different about him. Throughout that Summer we got closer and soon we just became a couple. Some may say it happened too quickly, but I don’t really believe love has an exact time because it just happens.

I really started to believe that this one boy was the one because of the small actions that he would do for me. He never had to do anything grand for me which is what I love the most about him. It was the small gestures that maybe would go unnoticed by some girls.

Whenever it was my turn to open the store we both worked out, he would hide a little good morning note for me either in the coffee pot, the deli bin, or even the bread box. When I went back to school, he would write me letters and send them in the mail. Some girls would think that this was just cute, but to me it meant more. Handwritten notes and letters mean a lot to me. I always had a love for old fashioned love. Knowing that although he had a very busy day, he still felt the need to take some time out of his day and grab a pen and paper to sit down and write down all of his feelings towards me. A year and a half later, those letters still come in the mail. Each letter written, and each tiny note is now in a box beneath my bed.

There was even a time when I called him from college complaining about how sick I was and how horrible of a day I had. He got these calls very frequently, so I was sure that by this point in our relationship he was fed up. However, instead of being annoyed he went to the store grabbed medicine, tissues and some of my favorite candy, placed them in a box along with a get-well letter and shipped it to me as a surprise. I never expected him to do that for me, but he did.

In the Summer, he decided to pick out all of the songs that reminded him of me and put them in their own Spotify list. Again, it was a very small gesture, but it meant so much to me. Knowing that he would hear a song and would think of me just meant something special. It may have not been on an old cassette tape like they do in the movies based in the 80s, but it was close enough.

He has done so many little things for me, such as getting my favorite flowers and taking me on picnics. He is always reminding me how much he loves me and how beautiful I am, even if it is a Saturday with my over-sized T-shirt on and no makeup. It’s all of the times that we spent laying in bed just laughing at all of the dumb things we have done or said. It’s those small trips of pulling over next to a farm just because I wanted to pet animals. It’s the small saying of “be safe” or “call me when you get home”. It’s the small Polaroids that he keeps in his wallet.

I knew that he was the one for me when he did the one thing that I had always been waiting for someone to do. It’s the gesture of saying goodnight on the front porch and the light touch of a forehead kiss. It’s so simple, but those are the times that I feel everything all at once.

Again, people can never really be sure what the future holds. People change their minds everyday and people will disapprove some relationships. However, if you find someone that shows their love for you in small gestures, you should stay with them. I don’t know what will happen years from now between him and I because the future is so uncertain. What I do know as of right now is that he is an amazing human being who loves with all his heart. He is someone who would do anything to make sure I have a smile on my face. He is someone who will never let me forget just how much I am loved. I love the small gap between his teeth, his laugh, his buttoned up patterned shirt and his smile. All I know right now in this moment is that this love is ours.

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