The Little Things Mean the Most

Last weekend, my boyfriend and I took a trip to Wildwood. Though I have lived in New Jersey my entire life, I have never been to Wildwood. I’ve never felt the need since I live on the water and live 20 minutes from the beach. Nevertheless, I was excited to take this trip.

Though the weather wasn’t very good, it was still a great getaway trip. We took a brief walk on the boardwalk on Friday, then a longer walk on Saturday when the weather was a little nicer. We walked the beach and explored. We saw a few horseshoe crabs and a lot of seashells. Not all of the stores and little shops on the boardwalk were open, but the ones that were, were having great sales. We bought 4 sweatshirts for $26! On these sweatshirts we were able to get any decal printed on them that we wanted, so my boyfriend and I picked two each.

Another great thing we did, that was his idea, was to start a memory box and buy a Wildwood post card. On the postcard, we would mark the date and also write that it was my first trip to Wildwood. We planned to do this wherever we went. We have a lot in our box already since we have saved tickets, and many other things from the various places we have gone since being together.

Though going to Wildwood in April may not be the ideal trip for some people, I had such a great weekend with my guy. We got to spend quality time together while getting away from the everyday norm.

I plan to have more trips like this, no matter how small because it was a great experience for us. We have started making a list of all the places we want to go, big and small. I can’t wait to do these things and add everything we collect on trips to our memory box so one day we can open it up and remember all the little things we experienced together, even if it was just a short weekend trip to Wildwood, NJ in April.