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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Kutztown chapter.

I know college is terrifying, but you’ll get used to it. You are just starting to figure out who you are going to be. I wish I could actually go back in time to tell you who to be friends with and who you shouldn’t be friends with, but that’s the process of learning and growing. You begin to learn self-growth and self-worth and start learning to make choices based on what you want to do. Leaving your comfort zone is never easy, but you need to do it in order to become who you are today. 

I know it was tough learning the news of our parents splitting. It didn’t seem fair to you at all. I’ll be honest and say that it still impacts life today, and that’s just how it’s going to be. They’re both happier on their own, and that’s what’s important. It’s still hard to accept, but there’s no going back to change what was set in stone.

Make sure you apply for that desk receptionist job because it will have gotten you to a good place. You don’t realize it, but you will have made impacts, no matter how small, throughout your time in Residence Life. It feels silly, making Residence Life part of your personality, but that’s what you are passionate about and you should be proud of that. Don’t let people get you down for doing what you love. If you didn’t show passion, how you would get to where you are?

Right now, I am just two months away from graduation. I can’t even wrap my head around that idea, but yes, we’re graduating! We want to pursue a career in social media and actually have a job lined up soon. It’s scary to be stepping into the “adult” world soon, but I think we’re ready. I don’t regret coming to college because I don’t think I would’ve found myself in the midst of all the chaos that has happened throughout these past four years. I don’t want to spoil anything, but just know that you will make it through and you will come out stronger each time you get knocked down. You are going to be okay. I promise.




Allison Matero

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Just a girl who is passionate about self-growth.
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