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I have been on a kick of Colleen Hoover novels lately, but Layla is much different than any of the others I have read. With elements of both romance and horror, it will leave you questioning why you look so dead inside. 

Like every other Colleen Hoover novel, I found myself unable to put it down as soon as I began it. The plot was full of twists and turns, and the ending is something you will never anticipate. 

The novel follows Leeds and Layla as they fall in love. Suddenly, a tragic event turns their world upside down and leaves Layla feeling like a completely different person. Leeds believes taking Layla back to where they first met may help her feel more like herself, but everything in the house is not what it seems. When things begin to move on their own and Layla’s behavior becomes questionable, Leeds realizes they may not be alone in the house. 

Leeds is a lot different than most of the male main characters in her stories. He is selfish and dirty, not the usual boyfriend that wins our hearts over. Though we may begin to forgive him as the chapters progress, it is still not the usual love interest I find myself falling head over heels for over and over again. 

Layla begins the story as a strong, free spirit, but this soon changes following a traumatic event that will leave me wanting to read more. She becomes anxious and on edge, traumatized, even. 

Overall, even though it is not the typical romance novel, it is still an enjoyable read that I highly suggest.

Alexa Rode

Kutztown '24

Alexa (Lex) Rode is a freshman at Kutztown University. She majors in Secondary Education English and is passionate about all things reading and writing! In her free time, she can always be found dancing around as well as creating music.
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