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This is my last semester of undergraduate studies. After May, I will be graduating with a Bachelor’s Degree of Fine Arts. This will be a rewarding and exciting feeling no doubt. However, the world of COVID-19, puts a hold on the college experience. I do not want to end my college experience like this, but I am not in control of this virus and we all have to make it our best. 

This semester will be exciting, sure, but it will also be stressful no doubt. I am looking forward to the classes I will be taking, but I am also hesitant about looking for a job. While finishing my classes I am also in the process of getting into the teaching certification program here at Kutztown University. I want to pursue a career of teaching art. I am planning on working on my certification and also working full time to help save money and pay off bills. Nothing is set in stone yet but I like to think ahead. 

I want my artwork to stand out and really give it my all. I have learned so much last semester that I want to go bigger and give it my all. I learned to really just go for it in art and to not worry about what other artists are thinking. You are your own artist and should be proud of the creations you make. I have been inspired by so many abstract artists I have found on social media and in class that it makes me want to create so much work. 

The sad part is I wish there were more activities on campus going on. Due to COVID a lot are postponed or virtual, i understand why but it being my last time to enjoy them it can be sad., If the pandemic has taught us anything, it has taught us to get creative, to do the best we can do with what we have, and cherish it. Though there may or may not be a graduation ceremony I still plan on taking pictures on campus and getting some friends involved. I am going to miss college a lot when I graduate but I will have memories to look back on despite the pandemic getting in the way.

I am an artist who uses art to express myself. My life quote is “stay positive”. My goal is to make a positive influence in people’s lives.
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