Last October

The leaves begin to crunch on the ground,

Fading green into brown and yellow.

My mind bleeds vibrant colors to welcome the grey.

Kaleidoscopic images appear,

Surrounding the space with every step.

Soft skin shivers as the air hits and

Makes me think back to your chess game.

Late nights, sleepless figure. Toss and turn.

I Wonder where you are, who you’re with.

That’s when I know, it’s October first.


Last autumn was different. You were different:

A lonely boy lost in your own world.

You needed me again to guide you.

 But you secretly wanted me by your side.

I wanted it too though not romantically.

Mended hearts, covered scars, bridges built.

Midnight sky, long walks, whispered secrets

And fears laid about an empty field.

"Meet Virginia" melody left your lips.

With a moon for a spotlight and stars for twinkling lights,

You held out your hand. Two old friends danced.

It was a once upon a time love, but our story had an end.



Last October, the nights grew colder.

Conversations grew shorter; you stopped replying.

I had never heard silence so loud.

Check mate, you had fooled me again.

I knew better than to play the game.

It was easy for you to win when the rules changed every day.

Puzzle pieces of friends never filled the void.

I tried to make it work.

Ex-lovers should go their separate ways,

But you said it was different that time.

I guess that was before her and the shards of red glass.

You knew how fragile it was but still let it hit the floor.


Before last October

Letters turned to ashes. Broken frames covered the Earth.

New love was found. Happier smiles, louder laughs.

Traces of you erased until that September day.

Fragile hands picked up the game pieces,

Played along the checkered board.

Watched your moves but got attached again.

Frozen still, shocked I lost again.

You promised it was different,

But I guess that was before October.