A “Keep Yourself Busy” Movie List

Some time around January I started to keep a journal of every movie that I have ever wanted to see. Some of them are older, but others haven’t even hit the big screen yet. Self isolation is a necessary evil, but I’m lucky enough to have the opportunity to fill that time with things I enjoy. Here are some of the movies that I’ve seen and would recommend you watch (if it’s your cup of tea). 


  1. 1. Frozen 2

    Rating: 4/5 Stars

    Comments: This movie snuck up on me as something I would enjoy. It’s not that I thought Disney would ever make a horrible movie, but I did think it would be mediocre. It was a pleasant surprise. Olaf (the snowman) had me laughing on pretty much every line he said. He was unsettlingly existential, but that made him very relatable. I did feel like Anna deserved better as a character, especially after the trauma they put her through in this movie, but it was still entertaining. Kristoff’s character was the oddball in this time- they really played into him talking to reindeer. He even had an early 2000’s music video-themed song for him and his reindeer. Overall, a dark yet entertaining children’s movie. 

  2. 2. Bombshell

    Rating: 3/5 Stars

    Comments: This was a movie I wasn’t sure I was going to enjoy. It was an Oscar-nominated movie, but it was also about FOX News. For me personally, FOX News is a hard thing for me to sympathize with, but watching the stories of the women who were assaulted at FOX was very alarming. The reason I only gave it three stars is because Margot Robbie’s character is fictional. It was a movie mostly based on fact, but her character was the one who made me the most empathetic to the events of the film. I know this was the point of her character, but I wish the film would have made me feel more for the real people, since they were the reason for the creation of the film. 

  3. 3. The Odd Life of Timothy Green

    Rating: 5/5 Stars

    Comments: This movie was actually released in 2012, and I saw it in theatres for my birthday that year. I hadn’t seen it in a while, and it was released on Disney+ this past week, so my friend and I watched it for our FaceTime movie night. This movie is absolutely adorable, but you also know from the beginning that it’s going to be pretty heartbreaking. It’s about a couple who can’t have children, and then a boy appears for them to raise. It’s a balance of honest family struggles and painfully awkward family moments that do good things for making you nostalgic. If you’re looking for something to make you cry, this movie will definitely do it. It did for me, anyway. 

  4. 4. Life As We Know It

    Rating: 4/5 Stars

    Comments: This is one of the romantic comedies that I’ve watched since being home. It’s about the best friends of a married couple who hate each other. Suddenly, they’re forced to raise the couple’s child after they die in a car crash. It details trying to learn the ins and outs of parenting while coping with the loss of their best friends. Obviously, there’s some romance too. This may cause tears. I didn’t cry, but my best friend did multiple times, so I think it’ll depend. It’s a very precious film that had Katherine Heigl in her prime of romantic comedies.  

  5. 5.  Blinded By The Light

    Rating: 5/5 Stars

    Comments: I absolutely loved this film. It’s the story of a Pakistani teenager who wants to be a writer, but he faces the family pressures his father puts on him. He connects with the music of Bruce Springsteen. The special thing about this movie is that it’s not a musical, but the music was blended in seamlessly. They had the words of songs displayed on the screen in an artistic way that just added to the film’s quality. Nothing felt incomplete or forced. It might be one of my favorite films that I’ve seen since being home. 

These are only five of the movies I’ve seen, and honestly there will probably be plenty more. Finding something to do while constantly being stuck inside is definitely challenging, but we have to appreciate the smaller things in life. Find ways to make watching a movie creative: build a movie theatre, build a fort, make some new yummy snacks. I hope everyone is staying healthy, safe, and sane during this tough time.