It's Time for Change

In the week after the Florida Parkland School shooting while all agree that it was an absolute travesty, there have been many disagreements on where we go from here. While I personally believe, as I have for years, that we need to have stricter gun control laws, there have been many proponents of a different kind of change. I have heard lots of talk about the need to arm our school teachers. While this proposal seems so ridiculous it must surely be a joke but they are in fact serious.

With all this aside I think that folks on both sides would conclude that it is time for a change. That’s why I was ecstatic to hear that many major companies are currently cutting ties with the NRA. Major organizations such as Delta Airlines, First National Bank of Omaha, and United Airlines are backing out of previous deals that they had held with the NRA organization, as well as their members. When such companies were asked why they had cut ties, many replied saying it was in response tp consumer dissatisfaction.

While these companies are not necessarily doing this because they feel it is what must be done, it does in fact teach us something. Major companies are willing to listen to consumers when it means their money is on the line. Due to this it gives us, voting civilians the upper hand.  It is clear that our state and federal governments are no where close to actively passing any form of legislation this act of social change is showing many that something can be done.  So in the mean time we need to be speaking up and speaking out. Do not feel helpless while law makers are deciding what to do about our rights. Get involved with local organizations advocating for change in gun laws and write your local representatives.