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The first time my mom mentioned college, I didn’t want to think about it.  The first time she mentioned Kutztown University, I said, “No way.” We toured it once and I remember thinking this isn’t what I want. I wanted a beautiful, huge campus, close to a city, with a lot to do outside of the school. So I automatically pushed the idea of going there aside. When I think about it now, there was nothing wrong from the start. Nothing had occurred on visits that would make me say no to attending the university. 

 Three college visits to Kutztown University later, I was sure it would be my future home. I had met my future roommate and realized this would be the place I would go to for the next four years. I don’t know what was my deciding factor in wanting to attend this place. I knew I felt scared, yet ready. I didn’t know what to expect or what was to come from this place.

Freshman year was a time I had to learn to accept change. I was now living with a girl I had only met months before. We also were the last room, next to the boy’s wing. As much as I thought it would be chaotic and up in the air (which it was), I still loved it. Cassie and I grew from being roommates to becoming best friends. The boys who would scream at all hours of the night became the people we grew the closest with. The endless laughs and memories shared became the highlights of my year. I slowly felt myself loving this place.

Now, I am three years in, living in my first apartment with two girls who used to be strangers but grew into my best friends. I can truly say I wake up every morning happy to be here. There were times I thought this place was not it for me, but then I thought, how do I know it would be better anywhere else? I've had so many friendships blossom that would never have occurred if I did not come here. A place that used to be unfamiliar territory became my new home. As much doubt as I had, I can honestly say Kutztown University has been one of the greatest experience I’ve had in my life. Yes, I’d be the first to admit I am probably the biggest and worst complaining about here, but I wouldn’t have it any other way. The people, the places, the laughs, and all the experiences will forever be cherished within my heart.

Born in Scranton, PA, Cara is a marketing student at Kuztown University of Pennsylvania. She enjoys posting anything related to pugs, watching drama rom. movies, and eating a plethora of pizza.
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