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Is it real? What I see

A future lying right in front of me

The path is vague but inevitably on its way

The world is surrounding you day by day

Pressure builds as it feels like the sun is always on you

Waiting for you to quit, but you just want a clue

A clue to know what could be ahead 

But a part of you never wants to leave the bed

You find yourself only going forward

Even if you are unsure of the words

Words that you need to solve the biggest puzzle

Reminiscing about only thoughts of whiskey you would consider to guzzle

Then you just shake it off 

You need to start piecing it together even if you scoff

Find the love and happiness you need 

Your prepared to go at ultra speed

Now it’s time to know the world 

Even when your mind feels like the winds that whirled

Search up and down till the path is completely clear

The fog will be gone and the dirt will not smear

The path will not be blocked 

Just like a new level the right path will finally be unlocked

Hi my names Amanda G! I'm a junior at Kutztown University and have a enormous sweet tooth. I want everyone to live and laugh. Hopefully my stories will help with that. I believe in the truth and the brighter side of life. I also believe in the power of Bagel Bar on Mainstreet, which is truly a gift. So sit back, relax, and be you at KU and in life. 
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