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She wakes up at dawn with a frown on her face

For a moment, all she feels is disgraced 

She cannot remember who she is or was

But knows it is time for a change 

She wants to be someone else, like herself, but new

If only her friends and parents knew, 

The pain and sorrow she feels when she wakes at dawn

The problem is not within herself, but with the world outside

All the pressure she has and tries to hide

She is too skinny to be pretty but too dumb to be smart

She tries her best to just impress

Being 18 years old and in college, everyone questions her future or her looks

But still she stands with her head up high

She wants to be perfect,

When soon she realizes, no one is perfect

We are all just teenagers who put on a face 

Wishing to be ‘that person’ they chase

We are all just teenagers who want to impress 

When really,

All we can do is just try our best.

Secondary Education English major who loves coffee and criminal minds♡
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