I Got My First Tattoo

I probably decided about two years ago that I wanted a tattoo. I kept tossing up my options and the whole idea of tattoos. I talked to my friends and family who have gotten tattoos about their experiences. I thought I would get one on my 18th birthday. Then, I decided my 19th  was definitely the year for me. That turned into an item on my list for summer vacation. On my 20thbirthday, I finally grew a pair and made a tattoo appointment. (Thank you, Mom, for the best birthday present, ever!)

It was such a big decision. I had so many ideas, and I could not settle on one. I had a Pinterest board filled with different tattoos. I spent hours looking up tattoos with quotes. I looked into every novel, band, and persona who I love and tried to decide what I wanted the tattoo to be. I wanted the tattoo to mean something to me and be of importance. Along with what to get, I had to decide where to get it, and only one thing was on my mind with placement: the pain. 

I wanted a tattoo so bad, but the number one thing that kept me away from doing it was the pain factor. I was scared that I would sit down in the chair, get everything set up, and as soon as the needle would hit my skin, I would freak out. I also have such a fear of needles that the fact I even wanted a tattoo boggled my mind. I tried to pick a place on my body that would be the least painful. I decided to go with the middle of my forearm. 

I was also scared of the commitment that comes with a tattoo. When I was looking into what I wanted, the fact that whatever I picked would be on my body for the rest of my life was always on my mind. I guess it was a good thing that I realized the eternalness of a tattoo, but the night before my tattoo appointment, I actually freaked out about the whole thing and almost canceled the appointment. 

The actual process of getting the tattoo was an amazing experience. After forgetting my I.D. and speeding home to get it, the tattoo artist took her time and talked me through the whole process. She made sure everything was perfect and exactly what I wanted before she started. Once she started tattooing me, I finally understood what everyone says about getting a tattoo. It was not painful. It was just more annoying than anything else. I was even able to watch her do it. It was mesmerizing to see the process. Once she was done and I saw the final project, I fell in love. 

Now, a couple weeks after I have gotten my first tattoo, I am still absolutely in love with it. It has heeled and looks great. I know I made the right decisions. I waited until I was ready. I picked something that is completely me. It is a part of me now, so much so that I forgot to show it to my best friend who came home for Thanksgiving. I love my first tattoo, and I cannot wait until the next one.