I am Proud To Be an American, Again

On Election Day, the country came together as a whole and made their voices heard. Nobody let anyone silence them. 

The significance of the 2018 Midterm Elections on November 6th is not whether a blue wave took over America or if President Trump campaigned enough to keep his Republicans in control of Congress. No. Tuesday was a day where people visited their local polling booths, waited in lines for hours, and proudly wore their “I Voted” stickers for everyone to see. 

Social media profiles flooded with posts about the importance of voting. Friends and family encouraged one another to get out and vote. Despite all the tension and fighting, communication occurred both within groups holding similar beliefs and across party lines. 

While the number of participating voters for the Midterm 2018 election was significantly higher than last midterm, what and whom they voted for says just as much about the atmosphere in America. The country is more divided, more polarized than ever before. Many may see this as a bad thing, that nothing will ever get done. But, that is just not the case. The extreme separation of the country just means that people are following their core beliefs, and they are letting no one alter them.

Because of this, some amazing things happened with the 2018 Midterm Elections.

Governor races were tight, and many states flipped from liberal to conservative and vice versa. This just shows how big a factor location is when it comes to politics and how easily it can change. 

Women won their races in record numbers. Over 100 women will serve in Congress from states and districts from across the country. For the Democrats alone, eighteen of the 29 seats secured on the night of the election now belong to women. Greater representation of women in politics was asked, answered, and received in this election. 

My amazing state of Pennsylvania contributed to the election of women. Voters changed the all-male Congress to include four women. People made their voices heard, and they decided who they wanted to represent them, even if it differs from the conventions of the past. 

I support everyone in their political beliefs. I support fair and equal debates in hope of better understanding where people's various opinions come from and what they mean. I am proud to be an American again because people are becoming educated in their political views and of who is running for office. I am proud to be an American because the days of throwing away votes as if it does not matter because nobody cares are gone. Everyone cares, and that makes the future of America very bright.