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Hi, my name is Cassie and I’m slightly obsessed with makeup. For me, I have two looks: either I’m bare-faced with all my flaws on display or completely made up, lipstick and all.

It all started in the sixth grade with a rainbow eyeshadow palette from Claire’s. It was the coolest thing I ever bought with my hard-earned allowance. I used to put purple eyeshadow on my eyes if that’s what matched my shirt along with some chapstick. That was it. (I know you did this too.)

Then, applying makeup became something for me to do when I was bored. It was fun and I wanted to know more. I looked up YouTube videos, learning how to apply eyeshadow, what brands proved themselves to be the best, and the amazing looks some of my favorite beauty gurus (that’s what they’re called in the beauty community on YouTube) would do for holidays, every day and special occasions.

Lindsey Hughes, aka beautybaby44; one of my favorite gurus.

Jaclyn Hill another beautiful guru.

I tried to replicate their looks using the few makeup items I had. I had good looks and bad looks. I would use my money at my first job to buy makeup from Target and would do a full face before school every day. I continued to practice and learn from these beauty gurus, adopting some of their signature techniques as some of my own.

It’s turned into so much more than that for me. Makeup has helped me become confident in myself without makeup. Using makeup to enhance my natural beauty was fun and helped me realize that while some makeup is used to cover up my flaws, it also enhances my features and turns me into a confident woman. It’s made me realize how gorgeous my eyes are and how I have awesome cheekbones. It’s also given me oppurtunities to bond with friends who as are addicted to makeup as I am.

Makeup is a hobby more than anything else. The amount of my free time I spend watching makeup tutorials on YouTube and practicing and learning about it has turned me a makeup freak. I love how makeup makes people feel beautiful, special and confident. I just did my roommate’s makeup for her birthday, and when she looked at herself in the mirror and smiled, telling me how pretty I made her look, I instantly knew that makeup was something that not only brought people happiness, but brought me happiness; for I was using my new skills and passion to make people I love feel beautiful.

I personally feel as if there are no rules in makeup, and that’s what I love about it. You can do whatever you want to your face because it’s your face. Plus, it’s just makeup and it will wash off. Makeup is a creative outlet, one that has the power to change the way you look and feel. I’ll admit, I feel more beautiful with mascara on and my eyebrows done, but I know that makeup is only on the surface, and that true beauty comes from within.  But when I’m wearing a full face of makeup, blinding people with the highlight on my cheekbones and flying away with my winged eyeliner, I can’t help but feel happy and proud that what I did to my face was my own creation that created a confidence level that nothing else can.

So, to all my fellow makeup addicts out there who will swatch any lipstick you see, always try to stop by Ulta just to “look,” and who keep an emergency mini mascara in their bag always, I’m with you. Your makeup brushes and palettes are more than tools of the trade, they’re tools to make yourself and others feel beautiful and confident. 

A photo of my makeup that I was super proud of

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