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I blocked out every sound, including the premature cheering I refused to be apart of. At that moment my heart was resting at the bottom of my stomach and tears were waiting for their debut appearance. Then the play clock hit 0:00 and all those sounds came flooding through my ears, I dropped to my knees and tears began to rush down my cheeks. We won the superbowl! The Philadelphia Eagles have brought home a championship title for a sea of hungry fans.

I was born and raised in West Philadelphia, so naturally with the current Super Bowl approaching, you’d be able to guess who I was rooting for. Supporting the Philadelphia Eagles is more of a ritual in my family. “We bleed green,”  is what any member of my family would say if asked. When I was younger, I remember my uncle upstairs watching the games. You could hear his deep voice cheering whenever our team made a good play, and cussing when they didn’t. That type of environment feels like home to me. We all have adopted those passionate values when it comes to football. If you’re watching a football game with my sister and I, you’ll have to be prepared to hear us scream at the television as if they can hear us. We are as passionate as they come and we are not alone.  The city of Philadelphia is known for its dedication towards its sports teams. We are very prideful and invested in the success of our teams. So you can only imagine the energy radiating from the streets of Philly once we won the last round of the playoffs and headed to Super Bowl 52.  We haven’t been to a super bowl in 13 years and before this past Sunday, haven’t won a super bowl in franchise history. So much was at stake and so many people were rooting for the underdogs, my team, the Eagles.