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The three most important aspects of a relationship is trust, communication, and honesty. I’ve had a boyfriend my junior and senior year of high school and now two years into my college career. I had decided to go to Kutztown for my four years of college, while he took some time off of school to figure out what he wanted his future to look like. For us, it was difficult to make that transition from high school to college. It was full of unknowns. We didn’t know if we would have the proper communication like we used to, we didn’t know how we would get to see each other throughout the week. We simply didn’t know how it would work unless we just gave it a shot.

Maintaining a relationship in college can be difficult.  But somehow, we’ve made it work.  The answer is easy, but the actual doing is difficult.. Just like I mentioned how trust, communication, and honesty were some of the most important aspects of a relationship, that goes for anytime and anywhere.  We decided that in order to maintain our relationship with the complication of being away from each other, we needed to promise ourselves to continue to communicate, to trust, and to be honest with one another.  

My number one tip on keeping a relationship in college is to simply find time in your schedules to be with each other. In my situation, we would alternate schedules.  One weekend my boyfriend would come to see me and vice versa. It was important to make time for myself as well too. It’s okay to not talk to your partner every second of the day. Understand that you have a relationship with yourself to maintain too.  

College comes with a lot of responsibilities. At first, I wasn’t sure I was ready for college responsibilities along with a relationship. But the more we planned out when we would see each other, or talk on the phone, things got much easier. The bottom line is that a relationship in college will challenge both people, but as long as you spend time with them when you get the chance, while also knowing when to give each other a little space, your relationship will be just fine. 

Morgan Harrar

Kutztown '23

Hey friends! My name is Morgan Harrar. I attend Kutztown University with a major in Communication Studies with a focus in social media. I'm excited to share my thoughts, advice, and opinions with you all. I enjoy dancing for the Kutztown Dance Team, photography, biking, and fashion!
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