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Hey Look Ma, I Made It

It’s hard to put into words exactly how I feel. When I first stepped foot on Kutztown University’s campus, I thought, “There’s no shot in hell I am coming to this place.”  You might wonder why I had this initial thought, and to be honest, I didn’t have a reason.  Fast forward to freshmen year and I am moving two cars filled with prized possessions, clothing and exorbitant amounts of wall decor to hang up in my dorm room.  I didn’t realize it then, but the stranger I would be sharing my dorm room with would slowly become my best friend.

No one can tell you what to expect during your time at college, and in these three and a half years, I have changed more than I thought I would. I’ve grown stronger, healthier, wiser and in some ways, more into the woman I am meant to become. I have faced good times and bad. I have overcome and grown through tough, unexpected situations. As I sit here pondering all I have accomplished, I am left feeling amazed by how fast time has flown by. Kutztown has given me tremendous opportunities and blessings I will forever be thankful for. I have had some of the greatest professors teach me and provide me with advice I will carry throughout my years. I have gained so many lifelong friends, people that make my soul warmer and sisters I never had.

I am left feeling bittersweet knowing graduation is only a week away. I am proud of the courses I took, the clubs I joined and the stories that were born here. There is no perfect student, journey or way to avoid any bad. I’ve learned that, through every situation, how you handle it is what makes you learn and grow. There is always room to become a better person, a stronger voice for others and a way to improve on your overall ability. 

What I would give to hit pause and rewind. I think: “Would I have done this?” “Do you think I would’ve changed that?” and “Could I have avoided all of this?” While its normal to think and have these questions, I wouldn’t change a single thing. Here at Kutztown, I became a better Cara. I grew stronger in my views and beliefs, and I dropped the people I felt were weighing me down. I gained experience and knowledge in not only myself but the world. I owe everyone I have met here a “thank you.” I thank you for putting me where I am today. With the good and the bad, I cannot be more blessed for everything I have lived through.

Born in Scranton, PA, Cara is a marketing student at Kuztown University of Pennsylvania. She enjoys posting anything related to pugs, watching drama rom. movies, and eating a plethora of pizza.
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