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Feeling stressed out? Need some time for yourself? Here are some helpful self-care activities and tips for you. 

  1. Remember that it is ok to step away and make time for you. We all need that every now and then.

  2. Do a facial, we may look silly but it is so soothing to wear while watching tv or just sitting in the bathtub.

  3. Take a nice long bath, use your favorite scent of bath bubbles or even a bath bomb. Relax and enjoy

  4. Put on your favorite movie or tv show. Make yourself a snack and grab a soft blanket.

  5. Go for a walk, exercise helps keep your mind busy, and to keep you motivated. 

  6. Write in a journal, write down anything you feel , or anything positive that happened that day.

  7. Try a new recipe for cooking and baking

  8. Find an online video for Zumba or yoga to keep you moving.

  9. Play an online game for a little while then switch up your activities.

  10. Do some laundry and take your time putting it away ;)

  11. Light a candle and just meditate for a while. 

  12. If it’s a beautiful day outside, bring a sketchbook, draw, write, and enjoy the beauty of nature. 

Feel free to google more self-care tips, but remember it is ok to take a step back, breathe, and take care of yourself. Self-care is very important. 


I am an artist who uses art to express myself. My life quote is “stay positive”. My goal is to make a positive influence in people’s lives.
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