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Hawk Mountain Tingz 2.0

Welcome back, if you keep up with my articles you know last week I went on a hike. My four friends and I hiked Hawk Mountain. It took us about 30 minutes to drive to hawk mountain. Once there, we started our hike at 10:45 am, and reached the top around 12 something. As I perceived I wasn’t prepared at all for the hike. I was just excited to reach the top for the view. When I tried to keep up with the group I felt myself getting tired, fast. So, I set my own pace. I think that might have been the best thing I decided to do. The hike was dragging along because I kept getting out of breath but once I took my time I was in pain. However the hike was no longer a drag. Once at the top the peace of mind I got was wonderful. 

 At this point in the semester our stress levels seem to reach an all-time high. We find ourselves worrying about things we didn’t even know we needed to stress about. I’m asking everyone who may come across this article that as finals weeks is approaching please take care of yourself. Study for your finals, do your papers, but please make sure you still get rest. Please take time out for yourself even if you can only spare yourself five minutes. Go for walks, sit alone, and enjoy the free time that you may later regret because you deserve it. Your mental state is just as important as your grades. You cannot be your best self if you don’t take care of yourself. The hike to hawk mountain was a getaway for my friends and I even if it was just for that half of day. It not only gave us something to do together it gave us a peace of mind. Please find a place to find your peace of mind as we are approaching the last 3 weeks of the semester.  

Peace and love.  

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