Hawk Mountain Tingz

Aww man, what am I getting myself into? Today we are hiking Hawk Mountain, a mountain that I have hiked numerous times. Even though I've done this multiple times, I still don't think im prepared for it. My first ever time hiking the trail, I was about 14 and unprepared. I went with an organization I worked for as a team bonding experience. They had warned us on how to prepare for the hike but nothing I had seemed to be right. I thought it was on a path, so I wore chucks, and boy, did I regret and pay for it later. It felt like my feet were going to fall off once I got home. Like, no matter what I did, my feet and legs were not forgiving me. As the years went on, we would go every summer, so I thought I'd be used to the hike, but the only thing I prepared myself with was with the proper shoes to wear. You are probably thinking something must be good about it if I keep doing it. You are right. The view at the top is amazing. 

Hawk Mountain is in Kempton, PA. I want to say it takes about 4 hours for your whole trip. This includes hiking up, eating lunch and enjoying the view and then hiking down. Once at the top, you can go inside of this sanctuary and see what's inside. All my times going, I've never been inside, and I don't think today will be the day either. The top is just peace on Earth--the view is amazing. The sky seems so blue and the hawks seem at peace as they fly around. When I go, I usually bring a lunch, so I'm enjoying lunch while basically being in quiet. Once at the top you can consider it a mediation spot, the view is very peaceful. The top is a great place to find head space after a long week or semester if you need to wind down. It is also a great form of exercise. So, this trail gives you peace, a form of exercise, great pictures, and can make you tired. Even though I've done this multiple times, today will still be a struggle, but I am excited to get to the top. I will let you know how it goes next week.