Happiness Begins: An Unforgettable Jonas Brothers’ Concert

On August 31st, I got to live my childhood dream. After years of rocking out in my room, car, and everywhere in between, I finally got to attend a Jonas Brothers concert. Twelve-year-old me was screaming on the inside when I purchased my ticket, and she didn’t stop until the concert lights dimmed out for the last time on that night. It was everything I dreamed it would be and more. JB did not disappoint their fans after they came back together for another album and tour.

Jordan McGraw, you might know him as Dr. Phil’s son, and Bebe Rexha opened for the brothers. I bopped along to the songs I knew as I munched on some cotton candy. Concert food might be overpriced, but it certainly hits the spot. If there is one thing I could have changed about the opening, it would just be for the missed opportunity to be corrected. The DJ played “Single Ladies” by Beyoncé, which was amazing because I love that song. But the stage’s screens were lacking a certain… video. If you’re a fan, you know the one. Joe Jonas once posted a black and white video where he wore a full black leotard and proceeded to dance to Beyoncé’s song. I think that would have been beautiful to see again.

Anyways, on to the actual concert itself. IT WAS AMAZING. They came down from above the stage on a lift. The crowd erupted into a thunderous sound of screaming once the song ended, and the brothers had to take some time until the cheering died down. By this point, I was so excited I could barely stop freaking out. All I could think about was how I just saw Joe and Nick sing a song while Kevin killed it on the guitar in front of me.

I was thrilled when they played some of their older songs, like “S.O.S,” “Mandy,” and “Year 3000.” It was my dream to see those songs performed live. Of course, they played their newer songs, like “Cool” and “Only Human.” But they also incorporated Nick’s song “Jealous,” and Joe’s song “Cake by the Ocean.” I think the audience—and myself, honestly—lost it when they performed “Gotta Find You” from their Disney Movie, Camp Rock. It seriously made me want to go home and re-watch that movie, which I plan to do incase you were wondering. 

They also took the time to make a speech to their screaming crowd of 35,000 people. Yes, you read that correctly, there were 35,000 people. The Jonas Brothers claimed that this was the largest—and loudest—show of their tour so far. It was clear to the audience just how amazed the brothers were of the crowd. At multiple times, you could see Kevin’s smile grow when the audience cheered louder. There is even one point when the camera caught Nick mouthing “this is crazy” as the audience sang along to one of their songs.

But the moment that truly made us all go crazy? It was towards the end of “Burnin' Up.” As I’m singing along and dancing to one of my favorite JB songs, I couldn’t help but start to get a little disappointed that I wouldn’t get to hear Big Rob belt out his iconic part of the song. That disappointment was IMMEDIATELY crushed when Big Rob himself came out onto the stage to perform with the brothers. I think it would be safe to assume that moment was the loudest the audience had gotten all night.

All in all, I was able to finally achieve something I never thought would have been possible after the brothers split so many years ago. It was definitely worth the wait. So, I want to thank you, Jonas Brothers, for coming back together and releasing new music that not only moves your ‘OG’ fans, but your new ones as well. Nick, Joe, and Kevin, ya’ll rocked it that night and I can’t wait to see what the future holds for your upcoming performances.