Guys We’ve [email protected]#ked Podcast Review

Guys We F@#Iked podcast is “the Anti-Slut shaming” podcast featuring two rising comedians: Corinne Fisher and Krystyna Hutchinson. The two started the podcast as a sit-down with exes or people they have slept with, then it became something larger over time. More people began following the duo, and other comedians and actors such as Fran Drescher (The Nanny) started to notice them. The podcast soon became a place where people, mostly comedians and a few other miscellaneous people, would come onto the show and talk about their current or previous sex lives and discuss other issues such as women’s rights and reproductive rights. The show usually starts off with one of the hostesses discussing a new article that they found interesting, like how people are more drawn to Siri sounding like a woman because of the stereotype that women are easier to control or yell at.  After that, they usually do a 5 to 10-minute ad read of all the sponsors of the show. Then, they have a reader mail time where they read certain emails sent to them from viewers. Most of the emails range from extremely disturbing, such as a someone being sexually assaulted by a cop during a traffic stop, or just silly questions or stories like that of a woman who got drunk and took a poop at the house of the person she was sleeping with. After the emails, the host would introduce their guest to the show and begin a normal conversation on a variety of subjects. The hostesses end the show by then plugging in some of the guest's social media or, if they have any, the product that they are selling, whether it be their book or, for one guest, a bidet.

As a listener, I enjoy hearing this podcast when I am driving to work or school. As for following it with others, it gets a bit awkward due to the adult material brought up during either the conversations with the guest or from the emails. This podcast is not meant for those who are easily offended by certain jokes or who have difficulty listening to discussions about rape or sexual assault, nor is it for those who just don’t feel comfortable talking about sex.

Most of the guests are very liberal people who have a very funny view on sex or the stigma towards all aspects of sex, such as gay sex and porn. Granted, most of the guests are women and they seem to be the most willing to talk about sex in general—more than the men that are guests. Then again, they are talking to women, so they might feel a little uncomfortable about talking about their penises as well as talking about their sexual adventures on a popular podcast.

Guy’s We F@#ked is a fun listen for when you are sipping on some coffee and are in the mood from some funny conversations. The conversations on the show are usually relatable to the audience, which keeps them engaged, and some of the questions will get you thinking about your own sex life or your views on sex. I highly recommend this podcast if you’re a fan of a good time and love to talk about literally anything under the sun.