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Listen, before anyone tells me that this topic is overdone or stupid and unnecessary, I need to explain my case. I’ve grown a fondness for crop tops and high waisted jeans and heels. It’s my standard “going out” outfit, and I sometimes wear it to classes too, just because I can. But I can’t begin to explain how sick I am of going out and getting told, “Oh, come on, why else would you wear this outfit?”

Do you know how many cute outfits boys have tainted with their leering eyes and their disgusting pick-up lines? News flash, I’m not hitting on you. I don’t want you to hit on me. I literally never hit on someone I don’t know because that makes me uncomfortable. I had a guy try to hit on me with my girl friend at Shorty’s a month ago and we lied and said we were gay to make him go away. He goes, “A girl who dresses like that is not at all gay.” First of all, how dare you. Second of all, if I was gay, I would have slapped his drunk ass. Third of all, who gave you permission to say these things?

What I don’t understand is why can’t I wear a crop top to the bar without every guy thinking I just wanna get laid? Why can’t I wear heels because they make me feel confident and make my butt look good, which makes me feel good about myself in turn? Why can’t I go out with a bunch of my favorite guy friends and not get hit on, even though everyone in the party knows that no, I don’t want you?

Look I won’t lie, this makes it sound like I’m constantly hit on. But I’m not, you know? I’ve been 21 for six months, and I’ve been at the bars. And it’s only when guys are drunk do they think I want to go home with them. Truthfully, I’ve only been hit on a couple of times. But each time feels like complete and utter shit and makes me not want to go to the bar anymore. 

Dear Boys who end up at the bar and Shorty’s: If a girl says no, respect it and walk away. Don’t hit on anyone that you think is asking for it just because girls want to feel confident in their own skin. Go to the bar and have a good time. If you’re only going to take a girl home, you’re better off taking out your right hand and saving yourself some money and some girl’s shame. I’ll never say yes to going home with you, because I don’t know you, and you’re drunk. Plus, no thanks, my own bed is comfy.

Please heed this advice if you just so happen to be one of these guys. Let me and my friends do what we had planned, which is have a fun night together not worrying about our lives for a few hours. Go party with your friends. 

I don’t care if you like the way I dress. You shouldn’t always be expecting a “yes”.


Nickey Siegerman is an aspiring author from West Chester, PA. In addition to getting her Bachelor's from Kutztown for Professional Writing, she is in 3 writing clubs on campus, she talks about her dogs constantly and sings more than anyone should.
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