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Now that the spring semester has started, I thought I would take some time to set an actual routine for myself. I spend a lot of time watching morning/daily/nightly routines on Youtube and TikTok and I always admire how committed those individuals are to setting mini-goals for themselves to complete each day. I took a look back at last semester and realized that I didn’t really get a lot done. I was trying to navigate five online classes while living on an almost empty campus. I could barely meet up with my friends or had the courage to go to the gym. 

So this week I wrote down some things I wanted to accomplish in the morning and in the evening of each day, and I am slowly getting adjusted to it. For my morning routine, I try to be out of bed by 7 a.m. I found that waking up earlier gives you so much more time in the morning and in your day. Do I actually get up every day at 7? No, but as I said, I am slowly getting adjusted to it. After waking up, I turn on my lamp to get light in my room and do a quick check of my phone in case of any important emails or messages I might’ve gotten overnight. Once I get up, I take a few minutes and make my bed. It makes it less tempting to get back into my bed and gets me moving. I then wash my face and make breakfast. Lately, I’ve been making bagels with cream cheese, avocado, and everything seasoning (it’s so good). While eating breakfast, I’ll take the time to scroll through social media. If it’s a morning where I have some free time, I’ll put on my workout clothes and head to the gym. I have been trying the 12 3 30 treadmill workout where you put the incline at 12, speed of 3, and go for 30 minutes. It’s a sweaty workout but the feeling afterward is so nice. Once I’m back in my room, I’ll shower and get ready for the day. 

Having a routine during the day is a bit tough due to the different things I have going on. My schedule is all over the place, so I kind of just go with the flow and make sure I’m getting the things done that need to be done that day. 

My night routine is still a work in progress because my nights fluctuate a lot. I am a Community Assistant on campus, so at least once a week I am up until midnight or later for my duty nights. But my night routine so far consists of taking 10 minutes to do some yoga/stretching, cleaning up my room and bathroom, getting an outfit ready for the next day, washing my face, and filling out my guided journal. For my “wind-down” period, where I lay in bed until I actually go to sleep, I usually spend it scrolling mindlessly on TikTok. If I realize how mind-numbing it can get, I’ll either play Stardew Valley on my Switch or try to read a few chapters of a book. I am currently reading They Both Die at the End, where two young men are living in a world where you literally get told that you’ll die in the next 24 hours and to live your last day out. I’m only a few chapters in, but I can already tell that this book will make me have an emotional attachment to it.

Having a set routine in the morning and night makes my day a bit better, and makes me feel like I have some control over how the day will go. Sure, some days I’ll skip a thing or two, but if I can get up and make my bed, then I can tackle the rest of the day.

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