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We all have our go to comfort shows. Mine is usually anything Disney or Nickelodeon. However, I also have another show that brings comfort to me that is not Disney. I have watched all the episodes over a million times and I never get tired of it. That show is Full House.

Full House is a late 80’s and early 90’s family sitcom that stars Bob Saget, John Stamos, and Dave Coulier. Bob Saget plays Danny Tanner who is a single father raising three daughters named DJ, Stephanie, and Michelle. Danny asks his brother in law Jessie (John Stamos) and his best friend Joey (Dave Coulier) to help raise his three girls after his wife died in a car accident. 

What I love most about this show is that it is full of life lessons. Every episode a member of the family gets into a conflict. If it is the girls in trouble they try to handle it on their own but the girls tend to make the situation worse until they get an adult involved. Once there is an adult in the picture the situation gets resolved. 

For example, one episode, DJ got a royal blue sweater for Valentine’s Day. The sweater ended up being ripped to shreds at recess from a lawn mower. DJ, Stephanie, and DJ’s best friend Kimmy Gibbler tried to buy the sweater from the same store, but the sweater was nowhere near their budget. Stephanie sees a sign in the store that says “Buy Now, Pay Later”, which means credit. Stephanie thought she could take the sweater and pay for it later. When DJ finds out what she did they panic but they try to return the sweater without getting into trouble. Unfortunately, they ended up getting in trouble and having their Dad, Uncle Jesse, and Joey get involved. They are lucky nobody got into serious trouble but Danny tries to explain to the girls that when there is an issue to come talk to them. 

Not only are there morals but the show is full of comedy. Joey is a comedian and can do many cartoon voices. Some include Popeye, Kermit the Frog, Bullwinkle, and he is well known for his voice of Mr Woodchuck. Stephanie and Michelle are known for their funny catchphrases. Stephanie says, “How Rude” and Michelle says, “You Got it Dude”. 

When I need a laugh or need some comfort, I always turn on Full House. This show really taught me what being a family is all about. I know the girl’s did not have a mom growing up but they learned to appreciate the things they did have. They were the only ones with Uncle Jesse and Joey and they cared about those girls like they were their own daughters. This was a show that taught the true meaning of family.

I am an artist who uses art to express myself. My life quote is “stay positive”. My goal is to make a positive influence in people’s lives.
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