Follow Your Dreams: You Never Know Where You'll End Up

Like most students, I changed my mind about a career path many times before I finally decided what it was I wanted to do. Luckily, I knew what I wanted to do before I started college which many people still struggle with while taking their college classes.

As I entered high school, I was sure I wanted to be a forensic scientist but this may have been due to watching too many CSI Crime Investigation episodes. I was so set on this being my career until I took my first chemistry class. My teacher would constantly tell us that these equations and types of experiments would be used in the forensic field which immediately deterred me. I struggled with that class particularly because I’m terrible at math. Math has never been a strength of mine and for each experiment we did, there was a series of equations that moved the experiment along. From this moment on I knew I did not want to be a forensic scientist.

As my senior year of high school came around, I was certain I wanted to study psychology. As my AP psychology class continued, I was again sure I did not want to be a psychology major. As I took this class I realized a lot of things about the way I learn.

  1. I’m not good when it comes to studying.
  2. I’m not good at memorizing names and dates.
  3. Nothing in the field of psychology made any sense to me.

Thank the lords that I did not pursue this as my major in college. When I got to college, I saw that everyone studies psychology and was happy I did not choose the psychology path because I’ve always liked standing out from others and being my own type of unique.

Finally, as the end of high school was nearing I realized I needed to choose a major. As I talked to my mom a lot about this I knew I needed to do something that I loved. My mom always says that she hates her job and she wished she was doing something where she could wake up every day and be excited to go to work. I wanted to learn from my mother and be happy with the career I would be in. As I began reflecting on the things I loved, I thought of my love of reading.

Since I was in the 6th grade I loved reading. I would read anything I could get my hands on and would always ask my mom to buy me books. I knew my passion for literature was something important to me and made me who I was. From then I started researching things I could do having to do with literature. I finally decided to be an English major and get into the field of editing and publishing. I was excited then to start my college career and learn everything there was to know to further my passion for books.

Now as senior year is in the present, I was nervous about getting a job after graduation. I had talked to so many people who had not got a job in the English field and this made me anxious I would also fall into this category; until Stephanie Tade. I am proud to say I am a new assistant at the Stephanie Tade Agency. This is a literary agency in Pennsylvania. I just started this job and cannot wait to see where it takes me. I will be learning everything there is to know about the publishing process; from the start to the final product. I am extremely fortunate to have this opportunity and to expand my knowledge and love for literature.

This is a note to never give up on your dreams and to continue forward no matter how many times you are knocked down. Love every step of the way until you get to where you wish to be.