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Five Spin-offs of “Avatar: The Last Airbender” That I Think Should Happen

Since returning to campus, my roommate, Pam, and I have embarked on the journey of watching Avatar: The Last Airbender, and its spinoff, Legend of Korra. This past week, we finished that journey, and now we’re both craving more. We’re in the dreaded show hole, and since nothing can truly replace the magic of that universe, we have been coming up with our own continuations of the show. Enjoy some of our ideas!

Avatar: The Middle Ages

This is probably the most wanted show by everyone who watched Avatar: The Last Airbender or Legend of Korra. It would follow the Gaang in between the two shows and explore Aang as an adult while he’s married with kids. It would be fun to not only see him as a dad, but to also see his kids when they’re younger as opposed to the adults we see in Legend of Korra. It would be similar to Love, Actually in the way that it would follow all of the characters and they would connect at different points throughout the story. It would follow Sokka becoming leader of the southern water tribe, Toph’s rise to power as chief of police, and the conflicts Aang deals with as a grown Avatar.

Field Trips With Zuko

This show was based on the running joke that, in the Avatar: The Last Airbender’s third season, Zuko went on field trips with each character. We decided that there should be a show that focuses on all the field trips he’ll take throughout his life. In young adulthood while he and Aang are trying to stabilize the world again, a season where he travels with his children while he’s firelord, and then one that centers around what he does when he’s an old man. This will allow us to see his character develop and have questions answered that weren’t in Legend of Korra. We could also see him try to go into the spirit world to see his uncle, or get flashbacks about field trips he took with his mother as a child. Plus, who wouldn’t want a whole show revolved around the world’s favorite reformed brooding bad boy—well, maybe not reformed on the brooding front.

Iroh’s Tea Time

This show would be centered around the best Uncle and Tea Shop owner. In Legend of Korra, we find out that Iroh gave up his physical body to spend his afterlife in the spirit world. This show would be set up in a talk show setting, and they’d be short episodes of interviews with spirits or Avatars that could travel into the spirit world. It would just be a fun expansion to see more of the universe we didn’t get a huge insight into.

19 Cousins and Counting

In Legend of Korra, we meet Bolin and Mako’s extended family. Following the model of any TLC or Bravo show, 19 Cousins and Counting would follow Bolin and Mako’s family as they live in the mansion they moved into. The family is huge, and they’re in a new city, so the story lines are endless! As an added bonus, the grandma is very sassy, and she would have some great one liners.

Love, Asami

At the end of Legend of Korra, we see Korra and Asami walk into the spirit world together, and it’s pretty obvious they’re going to get involved romantically. The thing is, their relationship was pretty underdeveloped, and while it was hinted at for a season or two, we didn’t have much other insight besides that. Similar to media like Love, Simon or it’s spin-off show, Love, Victor, this show would follow Asami’s journey through discovering her sexuality and exploring her relationship with Korra. Allowing their relationship to be shown is what their characters deserve, and after getting baited, the audience deserves it too.

I’m in love with the Avatar: The Last Airbender universe, and I think there are so many beautiful ways to expand it. Though I have doubts that any of these ideas will come to pass, who knows? Maybe you’ll see Asami’s beautiful love story, or an entire show following Zuko while he travels the world. Until that happens, the current two shows will happily hold me over. 

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