Five Reasons to Watch Merlin

Merlin may have premiered ten years ago on BBC, but that isn't what matters. It’s a show that I believe everyone should see at least one in their life. Merlin centers on the life of the great wizard from Arthurian Legend. The twist is that it focuses on the time when he was a young man and still learning how to control his powers. He comes to Camelot when Arthur is just a Prince. It doesn’t take long for Merlin to discover that it is his destiny to protect Arthur and help him unite the lands of Albion. And the best way to do that? Well, it’s to be the Prince’s servant. So, without further ado, the following are five reasons to watch BBC’s Merlin.

1. Arthur and Merlin’s Friendship

Watching their friendship develop over the five seasons is amazing. They go from literally fighting each other to willing to die for each other. Arthur (Bradley James) finds himself relying on Merlin (Colin Morgan) more than he ever thought, for council, assistance, and sometimes protection. Merlin quickly discovers there is more to Arthur than simply being the Prince of Camelot.

2. Sir Gwaine


Gwaine (Eoin Macken) doesn’t arrive until season three, but he is worth the wait. His care free and playful attitude is essential to the audience while their favorite characters are in dire situations. He believes that honor does not stem from being a member of the Noble class. And he’s not afraid of standing up for anyone, even if the odds in his favor aren’t great.

3. The Cast

The main cast is by far one of the best parts of this show. Their on-screen chemistry is fantastic, but their off-screen chemistry? That is superior. They would record their antics, from riding roller coasters at the amusement park to being angry about milk in the grocery store. They are not only hilarious, but they truly love their fans as well. 

4. Morgana Pendragon

Not only is Morgana my favorite character in the series, she is my favorite character period. She’s strong, passionate, and independent. Morgana repeatedly shows the Lords of Camelot there is more to a Lady than jewels and gowns. She proves ladies can wield a sword and fight for themselves. I only wish they would have spent more time focusing on her development throughout the show. Within the five seasons, she goes from being Arthur’s greatest supporter to Camelot’s worst enemy.


REPEAT. THEY. HAVE. A. DRAGON. Need I say more? Okay, maybe I should. His name is Kilgharrah or AKA the Great Dragon. He voiced by the great John Hurt and Merlin fans will remember him forever. He is the last of dragon species after Uther Pendragon eliminated every other dragon from existence. Kilgharrah was held captive for years in the caves under Camelot by King Uther. But once Merlin arrives, Kilgharrah begins to fill in the young warlock about his destiny.

Once you fall in love with this show, you will be saying “Long Live the Once and Future King.”