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Five of My Favorite Male Characters: Film Edition

My love for fictional characters continues to grow during our extended quarantine, with Netflix and Hulu acting as my best friends. Since I’ve already written four articles about my favorite female characters, I’ve decided to continue with my favorite male characters. So, in no particular order, here’s five of my favorite male characters from movies.


Peter Parker, Spider-Man

I’ve been an admirer of Peter Parker since I was a child. I love his intelligence and kind heart, as well as his storylines revolving around problems that regular teenagers have, such as struggling in a class or crushing on someone who’s dating someone else.

James T. Kirk, Star Trek

The reason I got into the Star Trek fandom is because of my love for Chris Pine, who plays Captain James T. Kirk in the reboot of the film series. Kirk is an interesting character with a complex history, and I enjoy watching both the Chris Pine version and the William Shatner version.

Jamie Randall, Love & Other Drugs

Jake Gyllenhaal stars in this romantic comedy alongside Anne Hathaway, and I think this was the movie that started my Jake Gyllenhaal obsession. Jamie is funny, romantic, and of course, very attractive. I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve seen this movie.

Jay Gatsby, The Great Gatsby

I’ll admit I enjoy watching the Leonardo DiCaprio version of Gatsby more than the Robert Redford version, but Gatsby’s mysterious past and the tragedy of his life always makes for an interesting story.

Anton Chigurh, No Country For Old Men

I had to include a nasty villain! No Country For Old Men is a western thriller that was made great by Javier Bardem as Anton Chigurh, a psychotic hitman on the hunt for stolen money. He genuinely scares me and I can’t understand why he does what he does, but that’s what makes him such an incredible character.

I’m sure I will be following this article up with another five male characters from films I enjoy, but until then, I hope you enjoyed this listicle!

Jessica Garrison is a professional writing major and women's, gender, and sexuality studies minor at Kutztown University.
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