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No time for small talk today.We have a lot to get through in this episode ironically titled, “Sweet Child O’Mine”. Leaving on a literal pregnant pause from the last episode, I just wanted to know, what’s going on? Of course though, they never lead with the part you desperately want to know in this show. So instead it begins with an always needed flashback. These flashbacks encased all the little moments in time where women in the show were pregnant.

This included Cloud, Kate’s mom, and even the most adorable dancing moment between Johnny and pregnant Kate in the 80’s. After this cool montage, we finally see some present time morning sickness from soon to be mama, Tully. The funniest thing is the other women in the flashback were all kind of glowing with their pregnancy, but Tully looked like she was in her own version of prison. Then, amidst all the vomiting, Tully had to pull it together to run her whole show. Knowing Tully, I’m wondering how she’s handling all of this.

Like, are you okay, Tully? I know I wouldn’t be. Anyway, we were taken back to another bestie quarrel in the 70’s. In this one Kate is mad at Tully for lying that her mom has cancer, instead of just saying she’s a flaky mom with a love for marijuana.This lie didn’t just cause a fight, but Kate wanting her things back and no contact with young Tully.

This felt more like a bad break-up to me, how about y’all? I don’t like seeing Tully and Kate fight in any decade, because it always seems like they could get through anything. Who else ships them the most? The second I want to see more of this flashback, the show cuts to Kate’s sonogram. Johnny and Kate are seeing baby Marah for the first time on the monitor, and guess who else is right there with them? Yes, you got it right,  Tully Hart.

While seeing baby Marah in Kate’s womb , Tully and Johnny are having a power struggle on deciding whether or not to know the gender. The whole time Kate’s in the middle, stressed about being a mother and Tully is right there saying how , “it’s  sort of like my baby too”, with a huge grin on her face. At that point it almost felt like Johnny didn’t even have to be there, and it was Kate and Tully’s baby. Another belly came into frame after that, it’s Tully’s in present time. She already thinks she’s showing, hungry, horny, and has no idea what to do about it. Honestly I’d feel the same, Tully.

Kate just gives her good advice and Tully reassures her she will go to a doctor and figure everything out. The married vibes are real between these two. Please tell me you guys also see that? It then goes back to the 80’s with more moments where Tully gets a little overly involved in the pregnancy and suddenly she shows up with a puppy as a gift for the baby. That puppy was for one adorable, but also that’s the sweetest thing for Tully to do.

I think she really is a great friend to Kate. Later on in another pregnant Kate flashback,  Kate’s freaking out about how she loves Johnny and having his baby is all she could want , but is petrified. Tully calms her and simply says, “getting what you want is fucking scary”, which is the realest and best line so far from Tully. The 70’s Kate and Tully finally hugged it out and made up. That’s all we were waiting for. The one thing we didn’t want to see is Kate and Johnny putting down the old puppy, but now the present family dog.

This scene was so sad because losing a pet is a hard goodbye. Have any of you had a similar experience? In the final 80’s flashback the two girls again find themselves going on different paths. Kate gives birth and starts her own family, and Tully accepts an amazing New York job offer. It’s sad when these besties aren’t in the same areas.

Also Miss Tully in the next scenes is seen doing something very non- Tully, which is going to talk with the father of her child. Seemingly happy and holding hands, on another great date between them. Things were going so smoothly when Tully is saying goodbye, Max goes in the elevator, and just as the elevator doors are about to shut she exclaims, “I’m pregnant”. Just as I was worried that Tully had changed, she drops that bomb in a Tully-like fashion.

Always towards the end of the episode I think they can’t possibly shock me anymore, with the content. The series decides to end this episode with Kate stripping down naked at night to jump in their outside pool? That’s not even the most shocking part. Right after my jaw dropped, we found out… Cloud is still alive?!?? So many questions about Cloud. Thoughts on Cloud’s reappearance? Are you guys happy about naked Kate? Cause honestly, go Kate!

Hi my names Amanda G! I'm a junior at Kutztown University and have a enormous sweet tooth. I want everyone to live and laugh. Hopefully my stories will help with that. I believe in the truth and the brighter side of life. I also believe in the power of Bagel Bar on Mainstreet, which is truly a gift. So sit back, relax, and be you at KU and in life. 
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