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As stated before, television shows are a huge passion of mine. But why am I drawn to all these shows? Sure, the plots are fantastic and keep my attention. Or the graphics are so detailed that I can actually believe there is a dragon right in front of me. But, my favorite part would have to be the characters. They are the one thing that always managed to bring me back to a show. Not only do a lot of them entertain me with their personalities and plots, but a lot of them inspire me as well. So, for this week’s article I decided to write about a few of my personal favorite female characters. Of course there are many more, but here are just a few. 

Caroline Forbes – The Vampire Diaries

The bubbly, optimistic former Miss Mystic Falls has always been a favorite of mine. When she was first introduced, she was a shallow and insecure human. But, when she was transformed into a vampire she became stronger, not only physically but emotionally as well. Caroline has faced countless trials of heartbreak and darkness, yet she always kept a piece of her light inside of her.

Isabelle Lightwood – Shadowhunters 

The tough, yet kind, shadowhunter of the New York Institute. Right from the beginning, Isabelle was always confident in who she was. But, that doesn’t stop it from being tested throughout the show. Maybe she is one of my favorites because of how protective she is over her friends and family. Or, maybe it’s because she knows how to handle herself pretty well in a fight. It could be how she chooses to stand by what she believes is right and will do anything for her loved ones.

Margaery Tyrell – Game of Thrones

A rose can be beautiful, but still have the sharpest thorns. Now, she might not have sword skill of some of the other ladies of GoT, but Margaery certainly has the wit to hold her own. She knows that women in her world aren’t granted the same opportunities as men, so she does everything in her power to get her own slice of success. She uses manipulation and grace to get what she wants from the people around her. Plus, Natalie Dormer is a fantastic actress in everything she is in.

Jane Villanueva – Jane The Virgin

Writing is her passion, and she is quite good at it. She pushes herself to reach her dream of being a published author. Even with all the obstacles—like the fact that she was accidently artificially inseminated—she manages to keep fighting for what she wants. Her happy disposition and do good attitude is something people need to see more of on their television screens.

Morgana Pendragon – Merlin

She went from being the moral compass to the one trying to conquer Camelot. Throughout the beginning of the show, she is compassionate to those around her. She believes people shouldn’t be punished for being born with magic. But, the constant betrayals of those around her push her to the edge. I think she is one of my favorites because of how she is constantly proving that you don’t have to be a man to do something. You want sword fight? Do it. You want to save the day? Go ahead, save the day. It’s interesting to watch her character evolve over the seasons. 

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