Everything is Fine

Saturday, September 16th is when it happened. I got home from work and immediately my friends started handing me drinks. The theory is that I had to "catch up" to them since they are usually already a couple drinks in. So shot after shot, we kept going, and we were having so much fun. We thought we were thriving. Well sooner or later, we ended up stuck on the couch. We were completely dressed and ready to go out, and there we were, half asleep on the couch by 11:30. We never made it out to the bar that night. As the night unraveled, I was trying to convince my roommate to go to bed, in her bed, instead of on the couch... She refused to move, and told me to go get her boyfriend who was outside with friends. I was wearing the tallest pair of high heals that I own, and I decided to try and be the hero. I ran outside to get her boyfriend but I didn't make it very far and twisted my ankle and fell in our backyard. Two people helped me up, although I have no idea who they were. I got up and shook it off, went inside and went to bed. Two or three days later, my foot was hurting so bad and I went to urgent care to get it checked out. The x-rays came out negative and I was advised to stay off of it for a while. Almost a month later, it never started feeling better. My friends and even family were nagging me: "it's fine, it's not broken, it doesn't hurt." 

Two weeks passed and after the realization that my foot wasn't getting better, I went to my doctor back home. He did a physical exam and then took some more x-rays. I indeed have broken my 5th metatarsal bone in my foot. After two weeks of walking on a broken foot, and my parents and friends telling me everything was fine, this was almost a relief to me. Anyway, now I have to wear this ugly boot on my foot and kind of just limp around. 

Ever since I hurt my foot, things seem to be going downhill. I stopped going to the gym, I've been sick for a week, and someone broke a window from the outside of our house last night. I just need to figure out what is going to push me back uphill, hopefully I don’t have to break something else to get there! 

Everything is fine.