Ending the Heartbreak

Scranton, PA is located in Lackawanna County.  We’re known for the hit television show, The Office, our wonderful array of food, and annual traditions such as St. Paddy’s Day Parade. But recently, Scranton and other neighboring towns have gained national news known for their tragic statistics that needs to end. Northeastern Pennsylvania or NEPA is facing a heroin epidemic. The website for Lackawanna County—heroinhitshome.com—is used to help inform and assist families or people struggling with the battle of addiction. Every three days there is a death in Lackawanna County due to an overdose. 75% of addiction starts from abusing prescription opioids.   Deaths have tripled in percentages since 1990s, and some believe it’s only going to get worse.  Opioid addiction is defined as powerful prescription painkillers used for an extended time that often leads to the usage of heroin.  Opioids are meant to help with pain in a short amount a time a person might be having.  Some opioid names include codeine, morphine, oxycodone, percocet, and vicodin.


It is important to recognize that addiction can happen to anyone.  There is no “type” or any way to determine whether someone is or isn’t going through addiction.  Addiction can happen to any man or woman; and many times they do not want to be struggling with their battle.  Growing up, we were always told, "don't do drugs" and were enrolled through the D.A.R.E. program.  We all looked around thinking and saying how addiction would never happen to use and it would be something we wouldn't have to worry about. Now I have begun to realize how drugs and addiction is actually closer to home than what I had originally thought.  Even if it's not in our own homes, it can be in the home of someone you know or a home of someone you never thought would become addicted.  There are no words or actions that can comfort a family as they go through a loss from addiction. Heroine invades and breaks families leaving open wounds and unanswered questions. It is essential to inform those of the treatment centers that could save lives.

Though I have never personally dealt with the emotional heartbreak that surrounds addiction, my heart mourns for those who tragically did. I count my blessings every night thinking of those that have been affected by the pain of suffering and loss while praying I will never have to endure those same emotions.  I plead with everyone to recognize the symptoms of drug abuse and addiction.  Speak up if you know someone is going through his or her own personal hell.  Be a guide towards showing those that there is help. It is crucial to stop this epidemic. We must end the heartbreak that comes with losing a person twice. First, the loss from who they used to be, and second, the final loss, leaving this earth.  Know that there's help.


If you or someone you love is going through heroin addiction, you're not alone, and there is help available. Call 1-877-367-2510 to find alternatives to help end this battle, and find the road to recovery.