End of Semester Self-Love

There comes a time in every semester, usually around midterms, where everything gets to be too much. Too much homework, too much stress, too much anxiety and worst of all, not enough time. University students can be some of the busiest people you ever meet, and if you are a student it can the busiest time of your life. Between classes, homework, extracurriculars and work, it can be difficult to maintain relationships with family and friends as well as with yourself. However, there are ways to get through this stressful time.

Time management is key, though it’s a hard lesson to learn. If you start your assignments as soon as their assigned, you’ll save yourself a lot of stress and sleep deprivation later on when you try to cram it all in one night. A planner is probably the most helpful tool for time management and getting your assignments done on time. You can schedule times in the day around your class and work schedule to finish  assignments with due dates included and make sure to check it daily.

Although for most people, school is a top priority, it is important for your mental and emotional health to schedule a time throughout the week to spend with family and friends. Even if you can only spare an hour of quality time, it can do wonders towards de-stressing. You can do something as simple as sharing a meal. The point here is to be in the moment without stress and without looking at a phone or computer screen. After that, you can jump back into the grind of school refreshed and with more energy.

Perhaps something  even more important is finding time for yourself to rewind and relax. Even if you only do this for 30 minutes, there are many things you can do. You can light some candles, take a bath, do yoga or even do some simple breathing exercises. If you’re able to, you can take a hike or do homework at the park for a change. Whatever it is that relaxes you should be something you make time for.

In the end, with a positive mindset any semester can pass by smooth as butter.