Eclipse: A Short Story



Based on the prompt “tell the love story of the moon and the sun, anyway you think it played out.”


Once upon a time, there were two beautiful lovers caught in a storm of stardust and comets. The brightest of souls, Moon, hovered above the pale sky in her place of power. She calmed the world without effort and always spoke with a soothing tone. Part of Sun had always been jealous of Moon, seeing her praised for her alluring grace and wisdom, but she loved her all the same. Moon desperately tried to get Sun to notice the goodness in herself; she possessed a charismatic entity that Moon had never seen in anyone before, but Sun could never open herself up to possibility of her potential. She never wanted to admit her importance.

Though they thought of themselves as polar opposites, all other beams of light could tell there were no two souls better fit for one another. Sun and Moon were always together, always creating an atmosphere of compassion.

There came a time when Sun could not bare to think of the moments when she would live in the shadow of Moon. Sun never realized how much she was admired by Moon; she only wallowed in her own self-doubt and agony. She would never be able to stand strongly beside Moon, as she constantly belittled her self worth.  

Moon could easily see the discouragement in Sun and longed to bring her joy. She wanted to ease her Sun out of her depressive state and wrap her in the love she felt so deeply. At the peak of a lightning strike, so quick and sure, Moon thought of a solution to bring Sun to the center of the galaxy. All the fiery swirls living in space would ignite themselves to keep her burning bright.  

She had plans to distribute the light she was holding inside of her to Sun, so they would be the same in their beauty. Moon didn’t want to tell Sun of her plans. She didn’t think the warmth that lived inside of Sun would allow her to be so selfish in accepting what she thought didn’t belong to her. So, Moon kept Sun in the dark about her plans.

When it came time to bring Sun out of her abyss of personal gloom, Moon was overjoyed with a sense of pride. She could finally make her lover feel how she feels. She could finally make Sun admire herself the way Moon admires her. Finally, they could both fully be together without the burden of regrets.

Sun approached Moon, wishing to hear the sweetness of her words right as she rose from her sleep. When Moon embraced her, she summoned all of her known strength to put into her next movement. She lifted Sun’s face in her delicate hands and leaned in to whisper close, “I love you.”

She pressed her lips to Sun’s and breathed her essence into her. Sun could feel a particular warmth flooding her every cell, and she couldn’t get enough. She embraced Moon so closely that they were almost one with each other. She had never felt more at home. Their kiss erupted throughout the galaxy, creating a ripple in space as their lips melted into one another.

Sun was still unaware that Moon had been feeding her the power and strength she possessed, unknowingly giving it all to her lover. Soon, Moon collapsed in the arms of her Sun. She shielded her eyes from her lover, who now illuminated with an exotic new glitter. Sun was confused by the new force that radiated throughout her entire being. She couldn’t quite comprehend this new feeling of security and pleasure. All she could think about was how still Moon was laying and how cold she was growing in her arms.

“What did you do?” Sun whispered to Moon, her one true love, the entire reason of her existence.

“I’ve given you everything you’ve always wanted. Now you can finally be happy. I just want you to be happy.”

“I don’t understand. Why would you do that? Why?”

Moon brushed her fingertips along Sun’s lips. “Because I love you.” Sun felt Moon give her final breath as her arm slowly slipped back down to her side. Sun released a cry of anguish, realizing the full consequences of Moon’s sacrifice.

“But you’re everything I’ve always wanted.”

Sun sat motionless, holding her Moon and never wanting to leave her side. The weight pulling Sun to the ground began to crumble with each passing moment she stared at Moon. Fears tugged at Sun’s heart, knowing she could never live up to the exquisite beauty Moon always portrayed. Something else inside had convinced her. Moon had entrusted her very being to Sun, so she could continue on giving out her rays of inspiration. She would honor her through it all.

Perhaps it was just the Moon inside of Sun that pushed her towards her endgame.

Sun knew Moon would always be with her. She was her. She consumed her thoughts and

feelings and actions. She continued her legacy. Moon’s soul ruled alongside Sun’s. Sun still holds up Moon’s form when the sky grows dark. She illuminates her through the foggiest of nights. The universe can still admire the light Moon shared when her soul overflowed with her devotion for the Sun.