Dear Romance

Dear Romance,

You SUCK. I always assumed I would find the love of my life in college. I think I assumed wrong. I am a cheesy romantic, chick-flick-watching, pun-writing girl. I might be a little overdramatic by saying Romance sucks, because it doesn’t. How could Romance suck? If Romance didn’t exist, I’d have no idea what movies I would re-watch over and over again. I think my main problem is besides seeing it in other people and in movies, I have no Romance in my life. I just wonder, how could I? I am way too busy. Plus, I don’t need no man (Imagine someone saying that with a sassy twang). I don’t need Romance, but I so desperately want it.

I want to find my Prince Charming, fall madly in love, and live happily ever after. I hope you’re rolling your eyes at my unrealistic dreams. Realistically, I don’t want to live happily ever after. I want to argue and have those cute little bicker-ments that all couples have. I want to have someone who I can smoosh food in their face and hold hands with. I want someone who I can ‘accidentally’ kick in my sleep. I want someone who I can rant to with no filters. I want someone who I can take food off of and I get to eat the majority of the dessert. Although, how can I do all that when I can’t even find a guy I want to date? It’s easy to look at someone and think, “Ooo, you’re attractive.” You imagine how everything would work out, how he would sweep you off your feet, and then the boy opens his mouth and all those dreams that you just dreamt are flushed down the toilet. I’m not writing this in hopes some guy will read this and reach out to me because please, don’t. I am writing this to get my frustrations out on the fact that it’s hard being single in 2019.

I do not understand how to put myself out there without using Tinder. It’s extremely annoying. I hate Tinder and any app where I have to decide if I am interested in you based on a picture and words that you may or may not put on my screen. I cannot believe I have to say this, but I want to experience meeting someone the old-fashioned way: IN PERSON. I want to accidentally fall and, drop my books, and this person comes to help me. Before I realize it, we’re in love and bickering about what to eat or what we should watch together. If I’m not as clumsy as I know I am, there are so many other ways I could meet someone and yet nothing, nada, zilch. I have talked to a lot of my single friends at school about this, and, for the most part, we just come up with the same conclusions: we’re picky, and boys suck. Now, boys aren’t that bad all the time, and yes, us girls can suck too, but from our perspective, we aren’t that bad. In all reality, everyone sucks in their own way and everyone is amazing in their own way too. I’m not here to bash anyone. I just want what I cannot seem to find. I know I am just impatient and still young. I also love being my independent self. I just wonder whether I will have the love story of my parents or a love story like “we met on Tinder.” Romance, I think I will always have a love-hate relationship with you.


A Cheesy-Romantic-Chick-Flick-Watching-Pun-Writing-Girl