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I decided to come home this weekend just to take a break from the college life. There are so many reasons to come home; such as, free food, cooked dinners, moms, dads, siblings, friends, bigger beds, and of course, the best part of all is the dog. 

I’ve had pets my entire life and they always know how to make you feel welcome. Last night I arrived home to a very empty house, or so I thought. But my pup was there to greet me! She runs to the door and whines and barks until I give her a treat to relax. 

She grabs her favorite toy and offers it to me; then we play, and she just makes the whole house come to life. Now mind you, my dog is a beagle so she doesn’t understand the idea of being quiet. She’ll carry on. Finally when she’s calmer, we'll hang out together, have some tea, and chat about whats new. 

She’s a great listener, but sometimes she’ll fall asleep in the middle of our conversation. I try not to hold it against her. My dog is also a great dance partner. Whenever I’m in the kitchen, she’s there just trying to make a living (by finding crumbs that I drop). I’ll put some music on and sing and dance to it. She’ll bark to the lyrics. Sometimes she’ll even start dancing. Most of the time its just her begging for some food. 

My dog is also a great exercise buddy. Even when I’m really not in the mood to move at all, I’ll think of the fact that she’s the one who needs the walk. Most of the time, I will have to drag her to the front door because she doesn’t like inclement weather. Once we get outside she’s happy. We’ll walk a couple miles and even hit the park or the beach. Here, I'll have her off her leash so she can run around. It usually ends with me yelling at her to stop eating the poop on the ground, and us leaving 5 minutes after we got there. At least we tried. 

She’s a great companion to have, and someone I can always turn to when I’m feeling sad. Even when we get in a little tiff, it wont last long. She never judges my poor decision making and loves me for me. Dogs are cool like that. When I was younger, I wished my dog could talk to me due to my lack of interactions I would receive in middle school. I think of that time now and I'm glad dogs can’t talk because if we haven't learned anything from the books If You Give a Moose a Muffinthen you obviously don't know what I’m talking about. Let's just say dogs wouldn’t want to be on leashes. I digress. 

I love having my dog, and I feel that if ever you are having an off day, or even a good day, find a dog to make it better. 

My name is Kaylee Spector and I'm a senior at Kutztown University. I have a passion for reading and writing. As a writer for HerCampus I am able to be a part of keeping up with the current affairs of a college woman. I love traveling, eating and talking most of which I will be writing about. I am a Communications major with a minor in writing, pr, and digital media. All of which I find will help me with my content.
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