Anna Schultz-Girl On Road Trip Hands Out Window B&W


The vivid sensation of deja vu

The roundabout circles back to you

All the words start to rhyme

Going together like lemons and limes


Denying, regretting, not admitting it’s true

When together nothing is blue

Heart content, but mind wonders

Just waiting at a cliff for us to plunder


Time moving forward

Yet everything between us is still disordered

Something that feels like home

Your soft edges cuts through my bones


Pushing away my urge to stay

Sometimes it’s easier to walk away

Going out to take a chance

I ask a stranger for a dance


The sun comes up for a new day

It was fun to push my worries away

Though my mind goes racing again

Back to the roundabout where it all began


Waiting to start driving on the highway

Finally the road to get away

Though I know deep down

A part of me will always want you around


So here we go again

The world will be at peace then