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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Kutztown chapter.

In one of my previous articles, I talked about one my favorite shows, MTV’s Teen Wolf. As I was writing it and searching the Internet for gifs to use, I was struck with inspiration to write this. College can be a fun, exciting experience. But, it can also be emotionally draining and downright exhausting. So, I thought to myself, what would be the best way to convey my emotions during the semester? And, of course, I realized that only one fictional character could perfectly demonstrate this experience. So, here is the college semester as told by Stiles Stilinski.

When you sit down on the first day and are handed a detailed syllabus of everything you are expected to complete for the semester:

There are those times when you are just so done with the semester, but everyone keeps reminding you that it is only the first week.

Whenever the professor starts to look for volunteers to talk about last night’s reading:

You start to pull late night study sessions, and the vending machines are your only friends.

When you take your first exam and everything you studied just left your brain.

But, then you get your grade back and find out you passed the exam.

Somehow, every semester you are put into a class with someone who constantly talks over the professor and, also interrupts them.

When it’s the tenth week of classes but the professor still doesn’t remember your name:

You overhear someone crying in the library from all the stress, and you can’t help but to relate.

When you ask someone to explain the material to you but they just leave you with more questions than answers:

That look you share with your friend when you are able to pick your partner for a group assignment:

That moment when you get to eat real, homemade food:

 When you just wanted to close your eyes for a few minutes but end up sleeping for hours:

When you sit down to take your final exam and realize you weren’t prepared as much as you thought you were:

But, that feeling of excitement when you hand in your last final, and your semester is officially over:

When your friends and family express their pride in you for completing another semester: